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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Just Get Me To the Church On Time...

Convalidation, part II.

After Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. Quandary's aunt & cousins, we realized that all three of the female Quandary's needed nylons or tights to go with our outfits for Friday morning. Good thing all the stores open at insane hours on the day after Thanksgiving.

I've always sworn I would never get sucked into that particular bout of commercialism, but after this experience, I can almost see where it might be worth it - provided you know exactly what you're going in for.

I arrived at the mall at 6:30. As I walked in the first store, they handed me a $5 gift card and a "Benji the Gingerbread Man" Bobblehead (hideous, but the Elder Child loves it). I ended up going to 3 different stores, picking up other nifty things along the way, and spending way more than I had planned.

At any rate - I ended up getting home about 40 minutes before we needed to be at the church. I still needed to shower, but Little Quandary was still in the tub, and Mr. Quandary hadn't showered yet either. Kind of like all the nightmares I had before the civil ceremony three years ago - except I wasn't wearing a hideous blue dress in this real-life version.

Long story short - we all made it on time. We had more of our friends and family show up than we expected. AND we all went out for dim sum afterwards. An entire meal made up of appetizers - what more can you ask for??? The only weird part was that my fortune cookie read "You will have a large family." I'm gonna interpret that to mean that I will have a large EXTENDED family, and not that I'm going to actually have several more children. Because the mere thought of that makes me tired right now.

And I don't want to hear a single crack about the typical addendum to fortune cookies.

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