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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I Have the Coolest Neighbors!

My next door neighbor, H, just stopped by with a wreath for our door. It seems her mother-in-law's church does a fund raiser and "she had a couple extra." And she wouldn't even accept any payment for it.

So thanks, H!* You are the coolest!

*Although I will never give H the link to this blog because she would probably think much less of me if she ever read the uncharitable things I say. Also, because she goes to the Church that causes me eternal consternation on Sunday mornings, and might know this person.

Your church causes you eternal consternation? Perhaps there is hope for you yet :-) But it was a really sweet gesture on H.'s part.

In fact, it has motivated me to think of something nice to do for someone else - anonymously, of course.
No, not MY church. H's church sold the University the land for the law school a few years back and they have an agreement to allow parking on Sunday mornings - though I'm not quite sure what that's worth since EVERYONE can park on campus for free on Sundays anyway. At any rate - they fill up the parking lot every Sunday. And it irritates me. A lot.
Sorry I misunderstood. Consider yourself back to being hopeless.
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