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Monday, December 27, 2004

Pretense and Pretentiousness

The Elder Child and I went to the neighborhood cafe for lunch. We like to go there because they have crepes and these fabulous scones. Sadly, their coffee is only so-so, but the place with kick-ass coffee doesn't have crepes or scones, so there it is.

We're eating our Black Forest ham, spinach and cheese crepe and butternut squash soup (topped with creme fraiche) and drinking our hot chocolate and mocha, and I notice what's playing on the radio....

It's Bon Jovi. And not the new stuff - Bon Jovi from 1989 - "Living on a Prayer." And that's followed by REO Speedwagon. And Dire Straits. By the time we get to the blueberry scone for dessert, the Go-Go's are on.

Is it just me or does this all seem out of place? I'm not exactly sure what I would substitute. Probably jazz (and I don't mean that insipid "smooth jazz" crap), some light classical music, or something interesting but unobtrusive. (Please post any recommendations.) But Bon Jovi and the Go-Go's have no place in quirky Pacific Northwest cafe land. None. I'm just saying.

I don't know what "goes" with a fantabulous scone cafe but I know that the "Lite Rock" station playing "Lite in their Loafers" Lunch Hour doesn't go with E. getting fillings done at the dentist. Really. George Michael and then Queen? What's next, Melissa Ethridge? About three songs later, sure enough, Melissa starts rockin' out about some chick. And I didn't even get a yummy scone out of it. :(
You know - people would probably go to the dentist a lot more often if there were scones involved. It might defeat the purpose, but might be a way for dentists to drum up more business.

E. Spat and I have discussed several times the concept of opening a law office/bakery (Queen of Tortes). Wouldn't you be more inclined to update your will if you were assured of getting a kick-ass cupcake as part of the visit? I know I would.
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