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Friday, January 14, 2005

I'm Not Sure How I Feel About This

I received an urgent email from my boss yesterday. Actually, I had received a semi-casual "hey, the next time you're around stop by or give me a call because I need to talk to you" email a couple of days ago. However, I only got around to reading it yesterday because I've been busy as hell this week and only work Thursdays and Fridays anyway. After I had just told someone I couldn't go to lunch because I had to call my boss, there's the urgent "I need to talk to you ASAP" message in my inbox.

So, after playing phone tag for a while, he calls me back and says that my position has been elimated due to lack of funding. (I've been working for a gov't Agency). I'm not totally surprised, since he'd been just talking to me last week about the funding problems in the Agency (btw - why would you do that? Glibly chit-chat about it to someone who is most likely to get cut? Just curious.)

At any rate, I worked another job over the summer and they're happy to take me back. But it's hard not to feel like I've been fired, though I know it's nothing personal. I mean, I'm just a temporary employee, and the job was supposed to be over at the end of the summer.

Deep down they still love me. And this is just their funny way of showing it.

you're better off. government "funding" is just a polite word for money stolen by force, or the threat of it, for the benefit of people so afraid of losing their "customers" that many of them carry guns around. oh, but they're the good guys. ha! i've seen better guys on 'the sopranos'.
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