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Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm Singin' In the Rain...

well, not really, although it is raining today.

We went to see Singin' in the Rain yesterday afternoon. Thanks to the ever-fabulous E.Spat for babysitting Lil Q, because the theater has a very strict "no children under 4" policy. I alternate between thinking that's a really good idea and thinking them complete bastards. Mostly I think it's a good idea, since at those ticket prices, I can see where people would be pretty pissed to have kids shrieking and/or bouncing around. We are lucky in that Mr. Q's aunt is a season ticket holder, so while still pricy, our tickets did get us fabulous seats.

The musical itself was pretty damned good. I think the guy who played Cosmo Brown (the piano playing sidekick) totally stole the show. The girl who played Lina Lamont was also very convincing. Richard Sanders (remember Les Nessman from WKRP Cincinnati?!!) played the studio owner.

We went to dinner at Serafina afterward - one of my all-time favorite restaurants. And not just because that's where Mr. Q proposed, although I'm sure that factors into my fondness for the restaurant. That and their tiramisu. I had the Gnocchi di Semolina con Funghi - Roman style semolina gnocchi served with mixed seasonal mushrooms, leeks, Madeira, and porcini broth; garnished with baby pea vines. Sooo yummy. It would have been even better if I'd had a glass of red wine to go with it, but I had a splitting headache, so I (wisely) thought better of it.

At any rate - I just wanted to publicly thank E.Spat. Although we brought her some pasta from Serafina and a slice of Godiva Cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory, I think we might still owe her some compensation for an absolutely awful blow-out diaper. I think some booze might be in order.

On another note....why do I even bother schlepping my textbooks back and forth to school. I know damned well I won't get to any reading beyond Fed Cts. Am I really such an optimist (or masochist) that I feel it's necessary to carry heavy tomes around? Or maybe I do it to impress the people on the bus....

That cheesecake seriously ROCKED! I just finished it was so rich but SOOOOO good!
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