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Thursday, February 24, 2005

You Guys are *Swell*!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who put posts up to help me gather info on DC. I've gotten some really helpful information - and discovered some other very cool blogs (including one food related blog!) Bonus! If I missed linking to anyone, my apologies - it's just because I'm overwhelmed by the response.

Thanks especially to idle grasshopper for the super helpful link to Washingtonian magazine online!!! Of course, if anyone has other information, please feel free to continue to pass it along.

So in short...I thank you...Mr. Q thanks you...and the Quandary kids thank you!

Update: Ok - the link did not come from idle grasshopper (as pointed out to me in the comments), so I would like to thank my anonymous reader for hooking me up with the link. My apologies for getting it wrong - like I said, I'm overwhelmed. Y'all feel free to visit idle grasshopper anyway though...

While I appreciate the recognition, the Blawger Honor Code compels me to point out that I did not provide you with the link to Washingtonian. I can't take credit for what I haven't done.
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