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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Latest in a Series

Of Things that have gone missing in my house.

My last pair of contact lenses.

Mr. Q apparently didn't want to wear glasses at his promotion ceremony. Since he hasn't had his contact prescription updated in at least 18 months and is out of lenses, he decided to "borrow" mine. Our prescription is pretty close, so theoretically we can get away with that, but c'mon - they're prescription (and the size is different, even if the actual prescription isn't).

At this point, if I were on the pill, that would be the next thing I'd expect to come up missing.

Ewww. Both on the glasses and pill!
Ok - he did more than borrow the lenses. He stole them outright - but that's such an ugly word in print. And since he does pay most (all) of the bills, I guess that means that he replaced them for me when I went out yesterday and bought myself new ones.

As far as the pill goes. If those were to start disappearing, I'd say we've got bigger problems. But it's a moot point, since I don't take 'em.
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