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Friday, February 04, 2005

Lessons in Confrontation

The Elder Child has always been somewhat creative about the ways she gets in trouble.

For example, when she was in kindergarten, she gave herself a haircut and said another girl in her class had done it. We were totally willing to believe her because the other girl was the devil incarnate anyway. Well, after we talked to the teacher about what happened and demanded the other child be talked to, we found the missing strands of hair and a pair of scissors under EC's bed. (Luckily, the teacher hadn't talked to the other child &/or her parents yet). Obviously much punishment ensued.

The latest incident: Mr. Q was a little early picking EC up from school yesterday and stopped to chat with one of the teachers. The teacher mentioned that EC had been involved in a shoving match earlier in the day. When confronted about it, EC said the boy involved have shoved her on the playground. Instead of walking away/ratting the other kid out/shoving him back/punching his lights out/running him against a wall and telling him "he will NEVER do THAT again" (my favorite - which I actually did as a grade-schooler), EC stomped on his lunch.

That's a new one on me.

I personally think that is so rad.
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