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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Weapon of Choice

I was all signed up and ready to go for my Spring Quarter classes when I got a notification from our Academic Services office that a space had opened up in Admin Law - a class I was waitlisted for. I figured I'd never get in because I was number 49 on the waitlist. Anyhoo - Admin Law and Labor Law overlap on the schedule.

So, here's my dilemma. Do I take Admin Law and get it out of the way here now that I've managed to get into the class with a prof I hear is really good or do I gamble and *hope* I get in next year when I'm visiting, with no idea of what kind of prof teaches it? (Keep in mind that visiting students are next in line after the Girl Scouts for class openings at most schools.)

I'm pretty sure I need to take Admin Law, but I'm interested in Labor Law, and was excited about taking it.

That's right, I'm seeking input again. But for your sake, at least this is something law school related and not another bizarre request to know your inner psyche. AND as a "blawger," I suppose the occasional post actually dealing with law school is obligatory. Or at least expected. Or something.

Update: Thanks to everyone who responded! I just dropped Labor Law and added Admin Law to my schedule. I notice that E.Spat didn't reply to the previous post. Maybe it's because she knows that now she'll be stuck with in 2 classes again next quarter!

Take Admin Law first. You'll need it for Labor Law.
The only reason why I'd think of taking Labor Law first is b/c if you really like it and decide you want to go into it, you can plan some more labor law classes for next year. Most firms I've seen who hire for labor want more than just "labor law."
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You're in law school? Cool. ;)

Take Admin law first. Go with the teacher you know is good -- a good teacher makes ALL the difference in a class.
You're in law school? Cool. ;)

Take Admin law first. Go with the teacher you know is good -- a good teacher makes ALL the difference in a class.
Go for Admin Law. Very useful class and if you like the prof then it is double bonus points. I've found that Admin Law kinda helped me with other classes as well. It really reinforced my understanding of Con Law in some ways.
Strangely...I have been out drinking. Even more strangely, the first thing I do after spending some time with my old friend Jack is drunk email and then read blogs. I am a sick sick person.
Jack is a two-faced bastard. He and I parted company years ago for that exact reason. Toward the end of our relationship, I found I couldn't even be near him without feeling a violent urge to vomit.
I heartily second the 2-faced bastard sentiment. Oh and on an unrelated topic, LQ, I have actually made a post recently! I figure it has been so long you have stopped checking
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