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Monday, April 11, 2005

Technorati et al.

I am not a ratings whore. If I were, I would make greater efforts to be "funny" or "smart" or "insightful" in my posts.

On the other hand, I have to admit that I check Technorati and TTLB a few times a day from time to time. Lately, none of my links seem to be updating. For example, reading Bloglines today, I noticed that 3 people had linked to me (thanks, you guys), but neither Technorati or TTLB picked any of the links up.

Am I doing something wrong, or do other people have these issues too?

Sometimes it just does my ego good to see that other people like me - or at least the quizzes I've swiped from other places - enough to link, ya know?

What's a link? j/k

Sometimes it takes a while for technorati to update.
I also am not sure that TTLB recognizes links if they're automatically generated by Bloglines (like, I use the Bloglines blogroll tag and it just inserts all my links). I know it recognizes Blogrolling, though. I think I remember that NZ Bear at TTLB was getting married recently, so there haven't been many updates over there recently.
Technorati *supposedly* only updates every 24 hours, but I think it's more like every week or two. I'll usually get the same links for several days, and then all of the sudden it will update. The numbers rarely ever change, but the list does. The morning it updated for me, not that it's the first thing I checked when I got up, cuz that would be sick.
::sigh:: I only just figured out what technorai *is*. I'm a completely illiterate blogger.
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