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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Grosser Than Gross, Part Deux

I took Lil Q to the park this afternoon. We'd been there not more than 7 minutes when I caught whiff of her and determined we needed to head right back home. (The park is just up the street - not worth schlepping a diaper bag.)

We got home and I won the diaper lottery, meaninig that Lil Q wanted daddy to change her. Score! A few minutes later, Mr. Q calls me upstairs because "you need to look at something."

Nothing good has ever followed those words. Not in the whole history of mankind. Not even once.

I got upstairs and Mr. Q was cleaning up the last of a ginormous, smelly diaper. Embedded in the contents of said diaper was one U.S. Quarter. (A Georgia quarter, if you're interested). Obviously she must have swallowed it at some point. I know this because she was 1) wearing a shirt that snaps at the crotch with overalls, so it couldn't have "fallen" into her diaper, and 2) trust me when I say "embedded."

Mr. Q pulled it out and wiped it off. I took it, and dropped it into some very hot soapy water to soak, which is where it is right now. I intend to take it out of the soapy water at some point, wrap it in plastic and save it for sometime when I get really poor service somewhere.

That way when I leave just the quarter and the waitperson/barista says "what a shitty tip," they won't know how right they are. Heheh.

That is so evil and so gross. Stories like that make me rethink about having children.
Check out for several zillion more stories about why you shouldn't have children.
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