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Saturday, April 09, 2005

2 Questions For You.

Yup, another class participation post. Mainly for my own amusement, so please play along. Also, because I typed up a version of this a couple of nights ago and bastard Blogger apparently didn't think it was worth posting.

1) Cheetos - Crunchy or Puffs?
I think the Crunchy ones taste better, but for some reason I prefer the Puffs. Bought a huge bag (only size they had) of them today.

2) Tell me about a "mystery" injury that you don't remember receiving.
For example, right now I have a largish bruise along my right index finger that's purplish and hurts like hell. And I have no idea how I got it.

But my most (or least, depending on how you look at it) memorable mystery injury happened several years ago in Alabama for a class. It was at the very end of the course, and all we had left was this computer simulated wargame. I had been a very good girl for the entire course, but our class decided to go out and celebrate almost being done. I decided to let my hair down for the occasion. Just this once.

We started out in one of my classmates' room with margaritas, which may or may not have accompanied us on our drive to the restaurant, depending on what the open container laws are in Alabama. We went to a Mexican restaurant, where Dos Equis, margaritas, and tequila shots accompanied bad Mexican food (what did I expect in Alabama?) For some reason we stopped at this fake English pub/game place, where we all turtled, and then got kicked out. And then we went dancing.

It was a couple of weeks after my broken nose, so I was pretty careful about guarding my face, but I was wearing sandals. Big mistake. Bottom line is that when the lights came on, I was missing the big toenail on my right foot. Ripped completely off. Only I didn't notice until someone pointed out that my foot was bleeding.

I vaguely remember going back to the dorms and publicly ridiculing one of my classmates for the cowboy hat and boots boxers he'd left laying out in the room. Because that shit richly deserves public ridicule.

I know for a fact that the war game planning session at 9 the next morning was not remarkably productive. Also, my toe really hurt.

1. Crun-chy! Crun-chy! I used to love them so much my first college roommate Malibu Barbie and her sidekick (my 2nd roommate) got me two ginormo bags of crunch Cheetos. I ate one bag that day. I ate the next bag over the next couple of days. My jaw hurt so bad I could barely eat anything, even soft food. It was nearly 6 years until I touched a Cheeto again. (I'm now off the wagon or whatever the expression is; I regularly buy Cheetos, but only in small bags now)

2. Usually it's just small bruises but once I saw a huge bruise on the back of my thigh. I eventually realized that it was from sitting in our hard dining room chairs for hours on end studying for my comprehensive exams. It was nasty.
1. It's all, all, all about the crunchy. It has to be the crunchy. Even better if they are flamin' hot too. I wish I could eat gluten. :(

2. I have a giant mystery scratch on my arm right now. I have no idea how I got it, but it's about three inches long and pretty deep, so you would think I would remember getting it. Yet I don't. It's kind of disturbing.
1. Definitely the crunchy. A girl across the street from me in the fourth grade (Amy) barfed up the puffy ones on her driveway once and totally put me off the puffy ones.

2. Right now my hip really hurts and I have no idea why. But my best one was the day after my 27th birthday party when I woke up with a bruise roughly the size of a football on my ass. I had to call several people to figure out how I had gotten it, and it lasted for about a month.
1. Both, but if I buy a big bag at the grocery store, it's the Puffs. I heart puffs. I will eat the whole bag in a day.

2. Mostly drunk bruises. However, I did break my toe and not realize or know about it until the next morning. The only way I think it could have happened was when we went dancing when we probably should have just gone home and someone stepped on my foot.
1. Ummm..crunchy. Enough said.

2. I'm trying to figure out how I got the stigmata on the back of my left hand a few weeks ago. It is almost gone now, but I did something to tear up my hand and I still have no idea what!
1. Are there any bad Cheetos? I agree about the crunchy tasting better but loving the puffy ones anyway. And an open bag is an empty bag, which is why I try real hard to NEVER buy them. I fail.

2. I always have some unexplained bruise/scratch/gaping wound. No idea what happens. The fact that I am the least graceful person around could not have anything to do with it.
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