Legal Quandary

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My Rant for the Day

To the people sitting under the bus shelter smoking while it was raining today - you suck. (And not just in the "inhale" sense of the word.)

Please understand that the bus shelter is supposed to protect all of the bus riders from the elements. Not just the two of you emitting toxic fumes.

Future infractions will render you subject to a severe ass kicking. Fair warning.

Boy do I agree. Please share your noxious smoke with someone else!!

And I'd also appreciate it if you'd actually put your disgusting cigarette OUT before dropping it in the butt can. If anything smells worse than cigarettes in a confined area, it's multiple cigarettes burning themselves down nothing all at the same time.


Oh heck, while we're at it, please stop flicking your damn butts out of the car window and onto my streets. Jeez....
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