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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

2L = Done Deal

A couple of people were kind enough to congratulate me on my completion of 2L yesterday. Unfortunately, the congratulations were a bit premature, since I still have to turn in a final for my last class. (Yes, I know ESpat was all happy about being done earlier. Despite the fact that we consistently complain about the same classes, our schedules are not entirely identical.)

I just finished my final paper, so I am counting this as being done. Note that it is 3:33 in the morning.

I discovered today that studying at Starbucks is much nicer than studying at school. Here's why.

1. No one there exudes stress.
2. The people are nicer than most law students.
3. If you hand over $5, they will make you a cup of coffee.
4. It's quieter than being at school. (Thank you btw to the 3 people who walked into the room I was taking a final in today and started talking to me. Despite the note up on the door. Special thanks to the one of you who came in to store your bicycle and then came back to collect it!)
5. Did I mention the coffee part? In retrospect, 6 shots of espresso was probably excessive.


There's my bit of celebration as I head off to bed. Mr. Q and I have a parent-teached conference for Lil Q at 7:30 in the morning. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagggh!


Staying up all night writing a paper and then going to a parent-teacher conference... I don't know how you do it.
Congrats on being done! I'm with CM—I would NOT be up for conferencing with a teacher four hours after finishing my last final.

Also, a good thing about Starbucks for studying (though I generally don't like Starbucks)? The internet is NOT FREE. Boy, that'll get me to actually do work on my computer and not surf/IM/blog.
Thanks =)

How do I do it? Very poorly. I just maintain a general level of suck-age in every part of my life, hoping that one day I'll be good at something (or even most things) again.

Yeah...the wireless not being free is a mixed blessing. If I had actually needed Westlaw or Lexis (giving equal time here....), I would have been cursing it. As it was, it probably kept me more focussed.

The 6 shots of espresso (in mochas - not straight - ugh!) were too much. I feel pretty craptastic this morning. Coffee hungover, if you will.
Congrats at the proper time now :)
Yeah schools out for the summer!
Congrats on enduring through the most stressful year of law school (so I've heard).

Like chickenmagazine said, how do you do it - balancing family and school - and still making it right? I have trouble even handling just myself and school.

Could you blog about tips on time management? Would really appreciate the tips ^_^
CONGRATULATIONS, my friend. I am so proud of you.

I always found Starbucks and Tully's to be the places I studied best. Still do, even after opening my office. I refer to them as my "branch offices"...I have a branch in kirkland, wallingford, the central district, capitol hill, and madison park.
I had 2 parent-teacher conferences during finals. Between "reading week" (at my school, that's a rare privilege granted to first years only, so i can now kiss that goodbye!!) and the actual week of finals, there they were. Fortunately, my kids don't create too much stress, so all was fine, and it was a pleasant study break.

I also enjoy the Starbucks near(ish) my school, b/c the "ish" is just far enough to keep most law students from frequenting hte joint.

I also choose my town library during finals over my school library. Partly b/c it's beautiful, and partly b/c of the removal from the stress levels.

I'm jealous of the year you have on me. And more jealous of those who have 2 years on me! I DO want to be done!!
Yay! It's over, over, over!!! Congratulations. I so don't envy your quarter system. I bet you're looking forward to that being history at your new school! :)
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