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Thursday, June 02, 2005


I'm starting to get really panicky about this last set of finals. Coming up in only 4 days and some change.

I invested almost all my time in Admin, read some for PR, and actually did most of the work in Law & Economics because the professor is a total rock star and made the class interesting.

I'm concerned about Admin - mainly because it's just so much material. Also, because I really liked this Professor too (despite the horrendous reading assigments) and I hate the mental image of him grading my exam, just shaking his head, and thinking "I obviously didn't teach this one a damned thing." What's saving me from full-blown panic in that class? First, the fact that I've read almost everything assigned and taken good notes. Second, the fact that while I've done some outlining, I haven't started the no holds barred studying yet. Therefore, I haven't yet come to the realization that there's so much I don't know. Third, because there's no way I'm the dumbest kid in that class. I'm counting on at least 2 people maintaining their demonstrated lack of motivation or knowledge and fighting it out for the cellar. Hopefully allowing me to come out smack dab in the middle of average land.

The class that IS causing me all kinds of stress is Professional Responsibility. I did some of the reading, but let's face it - the Prof did a lousy job not only of holding us accountable, but of even holding our attention. I've been working on outlining (I'm almost done with Rule 1. Those of you who've taken PR know that Rule 1 accounts for more than HALF of the 96 pages of ABA rules.) I've taken sample exams. And done the flashcards. I think I generally know what you can and can't do, but have problems when it comes to saying why.

This does NOT bode well.

It's all worries!
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