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Friday, June 03, 2005


Just a big shout out to a few folks.

To Shell, who has just started dropping by. (Or at least just started commenting.) Also, to chickenmagazine, who I think has stopped by and commented before. And who raises the tone around here, being Harvard bound and all.

Also, welcome back to both Zuska and M. LePenseur. I was just thinking I hadn't seen either of you around in awhile - and there you were!

Welcome to the blogosphere to my *real life* friend, Jaye. I know you've been here before, but just wanted to say welcome again as you regale us with tales of your experiences as a solo in Seattle.

That's all. Now back to our regularly scheduled PR outlining. Ugh.

Oh, hey..thanks for the honorable mention! BTW the experimentation with the Blogrolling is a success and now you are on my Frequently Visted site.
Thanks so much! It's always nice to realize you have been in someones throughts. Acturally, I have been around, just keeping quiet. Take care.
Hey, thanks for the shoutout! Yes, I have commented here before. Jesus Herbert Christ, didn't you know that?
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