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Thursday, June 02, 2005

An Unforeseen By-Product of Moving

It's becoming obvious that we're moving soon because we're not replacing certain items in the pantry/refrigerator as we use them up. Like condiments.

We ran out of mustard a couple of weeks ago. It's not that we use a lot of mustard - in fact, I'm the only one who really likes it. And maybe "like" is too strong a word. I'm the only one who eats mustard in combination with a few select foods. For example - grilled cheese. Or hot dogs.

But I also use mustard in certain recipes. I put a little dijon or German mustard into homemade mac & cheese because it enhances the flavor. Also, you can't make devilled* eggs without mustard. And since I bought 18 eggs yesterday, I need to use them up. Devilled eggs seems like it would be a good way to do it.

I wonder how Teriyaki Eggs would taste?

*deviled? devilled? Deviled just looks wrong. As in: It used to be vile, but then I took care of it - now it's de-viled. On the other hand, devilled looks like a plug for a Cadillac or another 101 Dalmations movie. Maybe that would be DeVilled though.

I made an egg salad sandwich for dinner tonight, and I put mustard in it. YUM! You are more than welcome to my remaining mustard, seeing as how I only use it about twice a year and I'm about to leave for a couple's the boring yellow kind though.
Haha - I might take you up on that. It's either that or to put on my best begger face and ask to borrow tablespoons of mustard from the neighbors.

Boring and yellow works fine for both hot dogs and devilled eggs. Not so good for caesar salad though.
Well it's yours. It can go home with you tomorrow -- you'll probably put it to much better use than me.
On, it's spelled "deviled eggs." English - in my humble opinion a confusing mix of exceptions & oddities.
I went through highly scientific method of googling it, and got results with both spellings.

However, both Better Homes & Gardens and Joy of Cooking spell it "deviled." Which I suppose should be good enough for me.
I've had some real struggles too with buying things like condiments in light of the move. It was solved when A's family came into town and they went shopping for a cookout and they bought like 3 of everything. Like mustard. Which we already had. So now I'm going to be gifting people with more mustard, mayo, ketchup, pickles, etc. than a hot dog cart giveaway. Or something.

In other words, I feel your pain.
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