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Friday, June 10, 2005

Is It Friday Already? Spies

From the folks at BTQ.

1. What is the earliest movie you remember watching in the theater?

I don't know if a drive-in counts as a theater, but I remember going to see "Murder by Death" with my parents. We filled a big grocery sack up with popcorn from home (see...the cheapness is deeply rooted), put me in my jammies, loaded up the Nova and headed to Council Bluffs! There was also some Western along with it, but I couldn't tell you what it was. Even then, Westerns were boring.

2. If you could strike one word from the English language, which
word would you choose and why?

Pass for now.

3. If you were a superhero, what would be your kryptonite?

The sound cardboard boxes make when the screeeetch together. Nails on a chalkboard. Anything along those lines, really. I just get goosebumps and shivers and the hair on my body stands straight up. (Seriously! Ask Mr. Q!) Makes me totally powerless to do anything.

4. Would you rather win an Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Golden Globe, Oscar,
Pulitzer, or Noble Nobel Prize? What work would you win it for?

I'll take the Golden Globe for $1000, Alex. It would have to be for my award winning television show, Intentional Tortes. Duh.

Actually, one of the military units I was in charge of won a Telly Award for a drug prevention video they did. That was pretty freaking cool, and you'd better believe we milked it for all it was worth. Unlike most military training videos, this one didn't totally suck.

5. What is your catch phrase? Don't have one? Then make one up!
There are lots of things I've been told I say often. But I'm trying to get a child to sleep at the moment...more on this later.

Part Deux

2. I don't know that I have a particular word I think should be stricken from the English language. My pet peeves are mostly conceptual (and I won't get into that here) and grammatical. For example, it drives me NUTS when people say "Please call Ms. Smith or myself to RSVP." Yes, technically, the dictionary says you can use "myself" this way, but only because people have been using it incorrectly for so long that it has become accepted to do so. Myself is a reflexive - so...I wash myself, I dress myself, I amuse myself, etc. are all fine. But would you say "Call myself" (unless writing a reminder to yourself)? No. You would say, "call me." /rant

As far as catchphrases go, there are tons of things I say on a fairly regular basis, such as "Yoiks!" "Holy Cats" and "Oh, for the love of Pete!" ("For the Love of GOD!" when I'm really exasperated.) Sometimes I don't even recognize that it's a catchphrase until EC will say something at the dinner table and Mr. Q will bust out laughing, look at me, and say "Mini-Me! Mini-Me!" That happened just last week...but I forget what the phrase was.

My catch phrase: "At the end of the day"
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