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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Well I'm Back!

Oooh yeah, yeah, oooh yeah!
Back in Black! [cue air guitars here]

Sorry...reliving the Hair Band days there for a moment.

But Mr. Q and the laptop are back and therefore, so am I. Mr. Q even bought a new backpack for my laptop on the trip.

And Now For An Exciting Announcement:
We have a place to live! We're signing the lease tomorrow. Now if I only had a brain a school to attend...but I'm working on that. Um, as we speak...

Back to our regularly scheduled and dreaded law school admissions essay writing. And may I just add that it sucks to have to do this again. /whining.

Oh, you poor baby! :) Glad you've got your laptop (and nifty backpack -- oh, yeah, and husband) back!
Welcome back! Did you get a place close to the school or are you planning to commute?
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