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Monday, June 13, 2005


I miss my laptop. *sigh*

I miss the way it always loads the pages up the way it should and doesn't give me funny little error messages like "That domain doesn't even exist, you freaking dumbass!" I love how it doesn't take 10 minutes to power up and open up Netscape (b/c IE sucks and I haven't been able to load Foxfire (see previous sentence)). I love that I can sit anywhere in the house and typety type away in complete comfort and not be chained via a keyboard to a huge ass monitor while sitting in an incredibly uncomfortable chair which sits at just the wrong height for typing. I miss the way all my passwords are stored and how bloglines actually works on that computer. Because frankly, going through E.Spat's blogroll to read everyone's latest posts is getting a little tedious. (There actually IS something wrong with my bloglines account right now...sadly, I can't access it from this computer for some unknown reason. My apologies to E.Spat for messing with her stats.)

Oh yeah. I miss Mr. Q too.

It also appears that he's had some luck in finding us a place to live. Now all we have to do is have our application approved...please, please, please....

I'm so excited that he's found us a place to live :)
fingers crossed!
You better get that laptop back...I haven't seen you on IM, you're not blogging, and you didn't return my email...I'm starting to take this personally! :)
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