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Friday, August 19, 2005

DSL = FMC*'s been a while. How's everyone been?

My celebration over the sweet coolness that is air conditioning was a tad premature. It appears that in addition to the compressor being shot, there was a leak in the system. Thankfully, it's been cooler the last few days, and the leaky part is now on order. The AC guy (who is practically my new best friend) also charged the freon, so the AC will at least work - until all the freon leaks back out in a couple of days.

Also, the Earthlink DSL people were remarkably unhelpful in getting our internet to function, but after countless hours over the past week, the stellar technicians (who all seem to reside in India) finally discovered that no, it wasn't our password, but their line that was causing the problem. Ooops. Mr. Q is a wise and patient man, in that he made all the phone calls. Mainly because he knows I would have started calling people names after about the first hour. When he expressed frustration on about day 3, I told him that I generally feel better after calling someone an "Ass Monkey." It's not my fault if he didn't take my advice.

EC is home as of Wednesday. I have a school to start attending on Monday. Theoretically there will be air conditioning in the near future. And I'm back online.

If I could just do something about all the damned boxes I have left to unpack, life would be pretty good.

* Fully Mission Capable

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