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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Move From Hell Purgatory: Update 5

So Purgatory doesn't have quite the same ring to it, but things are getting better, so I thought I should lower the alert level.

No AC yet, and kudos to E.Spat for dealing with both that and MiL's rather tangential ramblings. If you're at all familiar with the phrase "all thrust, no vector," it describes MiL to a tee. And no, the phrase isn't meant to be dirty...

The phone is working (absent a little hiccup today while they were installing my DSL - now if Earthlink will get me my modem...) I have almost a whole side of the kitchen clutter free - or at least as uncluttered as my kitchen ever gets. I was also amazingly productive today.

And E.Spat is here! And already we've eaten at McDonalds for lunch and had nachos and margaritas for dinner. I somehow sense that any weight I've lost over the summer might rapidly be regained.

Yeah on it getting somewhat better for you. *Sending Positive Vibes Your Way*
I just read on E-Spat's blog that you have had no A/C for a few days? You are a WARRIOR my friend! Mrs Gorilla would be in a hotel I think!
All trust, no vector? I am confused.
At least now you have E. Spat for company and margaritas to drink and a working AC. Yay! Glad things are looking up, and good luck with the rest of it.
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