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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Move From Hell: Update 4


Would you believe the air conditioner broke?

Luckily, it rained tonight, so it's much cooler than the approximately 12 degrees hotter than hell that it has been...

They estimate a couple of days to either get a new compressor or a whole new AC unit.

Wow. I just read an email from another friend who just moved to AZ. She's had a complete nightmare going for the past week, including the air not working. I am so very sorry, but the moving angels must be on vacation this week. I'll drink a cuppa in your honor, babe.
Good God! Not working and it's Aug in the swamplands? You must be sweating like mad...

I hope it gets fixed soon. I know how sucky it is to live in subpar conditions.
argh. I think you and I are having about equal amounts of fun with our moves. My condolences, LQ! I hope everything gets settled for you soon.
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