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Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Move From Hell: Update 3


They must have read the previous post because the only thing (so far) that's turned up missing is the hardware to MY bed.

Most of the rest of the stuff is here (we have another small shipment showing up next week - thankfully almost all furniture). The last couple of days have been spent enjoying the packer's bad spelling/grammar (linnens, pantery, and plastic's are but a few examples) and their even worse sense of humor. Usually you can figure out what's in a box by what is written on the box - dishes, glassware, etc. In a pinch, you can narrow things down by where the box was packed - bedroom, kitchen, storage closet, etc.

Not so with our fine friends. I'd regale you with some of the strange places we've found some of our items packed, but Mr. Q informs me that it is time to get ready to go out to dinner.

Whe-woo! An evening away from the cardboard!

The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity. -- Harlan Ellison Sorry you're not encountering more hydrogen.
Hey -- I'll call you from work tomorrow to get your address and stuff. You guys enjoy your time away from the boxes!!
There were some funny spelllings on our boxes too but I can't remember any of them (we still have a bunch laying around, though, so maybe I'll find one later today). One of them was truly puzzling.

I like "pantery." It could be pantry (the likely suspect) or a box full of pants only. Pantery. I'm gonna start using that.
Yes, I sort of liked "pantery" too.

Of course, my amusement quickly wore off. About the time that I found my tea kettle and toaster in a box labelled "Toys," marked as having been packed in the living room.

Morons. In their defense, they *did* throw a couple of Lil Q's toys in on top.
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