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Friday, August 05, 2005

The Move From Hell: An Update

Dear Verizon,

What kind of a company are you ass-monkeys running anyway?

Oddly enough, when you agree to have service set up for me on the 3rd of August, I expect the phone to actually work *ON* the 3rd of August. Do you see how Thursday, the 4th of August at 6 PM is not quite the same thing as Wednesday, the 3rd of August by 7 PM? Also, just so you know, normal people do not consider "before 7 PM" to be any sort of reasonable indicator as to when your technician might show up. And IF your technician is NOT able to make it, I think a call or at least an email might be in order. After all, I provided you with both my email address and cell phone number so you "could contact me to notify me of changes in my service." I don't consider that just to mean when YOU want to call to try to swindle more money out of me.

I know it's summer and I know this is "the busy season." But do you see how I just don't give a good God-damn about your internal staffing problems?

In summary, you suck.

Yours in hatred and general derision,


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