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Monday, July 25, 2005

Oh, but "Baby Fish Mouth" is Sweeping the Nation?

My grandfather was a sportswriter who worked crazy hours. According to my aunt, he would stop by Azar’s Big Boy after working late and bring home hamburgers for the family. I even remember going there with him once or twice, although I think we ate in the restaurant. On my last trip to Fort Wayne, my aunt and I discovered there was still an Azar’s in existence, out by the airport.

Today we went there for lunch. The shakes were pretty good, but sadly, the hamburgers weren’t as good as I remembered. The restaurant itself was kind of a cross between a Denny’s, Perkins, and IHOP. One that had seen better days. Sort of like the waitresses.

The visit was more or less unremarkable up until the point where we were leaving. As we were walking out, Lil Q lifted up her dress and started adjusting her diaper. Maybe she was scratching a bit too. It’s been oppressively hot here, and I can imagine that a diaper sticks in all the wrong places sometimes. Of course, I told her something along the lines of “young ladies don’t do that.” And then the hostess piped up (mimicking a little girl’s voice.)

“But mommy, my coochie itches real bad! I gotta scratch it!”

Azar's Big Boy? We had Bob's Big Boy. Same chain, different guy?
I'm not sure that I should admit to this following that particular post, but I grew up in Ft. Wayne, IN, and Azar's (we just called it "Azar's" and left off the "Big Boy") was one of my favorite places to eat. (Please keep in mind that I no longer live in Ft. Wayne and that this was a LONG time ago. They had awesome grilled cheese sandwiches that came with a big dill pickle.) That and Atz's, the ice cream place. Do you remember that one? I think they had a couple of locations, although I'm not entirely sure that's the correct spelling.
I remember Bob's too, but apparently around this area, it was Azar's.

We passed by an Atz's on the way to Azar's. (Out on Bluffton Rd, I think, lawmom. But there's another one on case you were wondering.)

I remember going to Atz's with my grandma and aunt years ago, but will have to make a stop before we depart town later this week.

We've been going to Ritter's custard every couple of nights....mmmm...yummy! I'm going to be so fat after this trip. *sigh*
Since I have never been to an Azar's, I'll concentrate on the big issue--I hope you didn't leave that skank a tip! Like I want my baby learning the word "hoochie." I mean, really. They're supposed to learn that language in school or on tv, like everybody else.
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