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Friday, July 22, 2005

Happy Birthday,

Grandma Quandary.

Before the Alzheimer’s came and stole her brain, my grandmother was an amazing woman.

Her family couldn’t afford for her to go to college, although she was a National Merit Scholar. So she went straight to work for Lincoln Life Insurance, where she met my grandfather. After they were married and had children, she managed my grandfather’s on-the-side photography business, and colored portraits by hand.

After Grandpa died, Grandma took trips to Egypt, Europe, and South America. She went back to school at 67, and earned her Associates Degree before having to admit that she really couldn’t hear the professors well enough to enjoy school anymore. Even so, she never earned anything less than an “A”. She was particularly fond of History and Political Science.

Grandma is 91 today. I wish my daughters had known and could remember her before the Alzheimer’s and the nursing home, so that they too could be inspired by this lovely lady.

:( This reminds me of a sad episode from Family Ties, where Elise's aunt had Alzhemiers...

Happy belated B-day to Grandma...
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