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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Small World

I took Lil Q to the park this morning. My initial intent was to take her along the WOD trail in order to get a little workout in, but she seemed so excited about going to the park that I couldn't resist.

After the park, we ended up in the local Starbucks for a mocha and hot chocolate. As we were waiting for our order, someone commented on my TVPNU LAW Shirt & Hat combo (remember - I was planning to work out).

Him: (pointing at my hat) "Rough day yesterday, huh?"

"Yeah. Well, we're rebuilding. [Insert name of unethical coach here] did a lot of damage."

(Side note - I care nothing about football, but Mr. Q had filled me in on the details of yesterday's debacle. You couldn't go to school on that campus without knowing about the coach situation.)

Him: "Yeah..haha...I just came from TVPNM."

Me: "Oh? What brings you here then?"

Him: "I'm an attorney for the [insert name of military branch here]. I actually did some recruiting at TVPNU last year - they weren't very friendly."

Me: "Wait - you were there to interview so-and-so, right? My name is LQ - we met last year. So-and-so introduced us."

How random is that?

Though it was clear he didn't remember me. I'm also a little surprised that he's still bitter about the fact that he got put into a little study room in the back of the library to conduct interviews. (Which actually isn't all that unusual at TVPNU.)

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