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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Have been temporarily disabled thanks to all the damned spammers who have not knocked off their activity as I requested, but have, in fact, increased it.

My favorite being from "Bud Wiser" stating that "This is a wonderful site about herbalife weight loss, of course I have a similar page herbalife weight loss" [link to his lame site here. Which I will not do him the honor of linking to.] I have never written about herbalife. I will never write about herbalife. Mainly because I don't believe that herbal supplements are a substitute for good diet and exercise.

If anyone knows how I can get rid of these damned spammers, please email me. Does using Haloscan for comments help? Can I hire an exterminator?

Because really - all the fun of even having a blog lies in the possibility that I might strike a chord with someone and have them comment.

Comments are back, thanks to E.Spat's tip about Blogger's word verification feature. It might be a bit of a pain, but it makes me happier. Damned spammers. Ruining the internet for the rest of us. Rat bastards.

As far as I'm concerned spammers = terrorists and should be treated as such.

Once a few Seal teams blow up some servers and scare some nerds we'll live in a much happier internet :-)
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