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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Do Any of You Find

That the longer you're in law school, the less capable you are of writing a *short* answer to anything?*

I used to struggle to meet minimum page requirements. Now I have a hard time keeping under maximum allowances and have to resort to strange abbreviations and playing with font sizes.

Note to all you 1Ls and lawyer wannabes - law school changes you permanently.

* Some of my friends might tell you that I was incapable of writing short answers in the first place. They lie.

The permanent law-induced brain damage has most certainly taken its toll on this 2L. Too damaged and too far in debt to back out now.

I came across your blog while avoiding Con Law reading and Legislative Process bill drafting. Wheee.
I think it depends on the subject. I'm still capable of a YES or NO answer when required. I dislike fluff. I only add it to disprove whatever else someone else is saying.

If I could get away with a brief saying, "Opposing counsel is wrong because I said so." I would.
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