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Friday, November 04, 2005

Because A Lot of You Seem to Find Me

Looking for information about Pink Eye/Conjunctivitis. Apparently, my multiple posts about the Pink Eye Epidemic of 2005 have put me up toward the top of Google's search list for people looking for relief from eyes glued shut.

Here's the scoop folks: I recently had a mild case of pink eye again. This time I broke down and tried Similasan with very good results. Completely cleared up within 2-3 days. If you're looking for relief without a visit to the doctor, I would give this a shot. I paid about $5 for a bottle - after a $1 off coupon. The prices I see online are quite a bit higher though, so you might end up paying as much as $10.

So there you go. Never say I'm not helpful.

I tend to disregard homeopathic products as quackery, so I am glad to hear that you got some relief with one. I would be interested to know if artifial tears would have had the same effect, or even if nothing at all would have had the same effect.

The Vanilla Gorilla
I am having trouble signing in on the comments thing...I am probably just stoopid.

VG -

I noticed that the ingredients included boric acid. When I looked boric acid up, one of its uses is listed as an eyewash. So I'm kinda wondering if it provides relief simply by washing away whatever is causing the problem. You might be right - could be that the artificial tears would do the same thing (and probably cheaper).

I've tried to ignore it in the past, and wind up with very itchy and crusty eyes for days on end - so that just wasn't an option.

Plus - with EC in the house (she's a notorious hypochondriac), it's always nice to have something harmless around that can be used simply for its placebo effect. You'd be amazed at the variety of creams I've passed off as "treatments" for itchy mosquito bites.
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