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Monday, December 05, 2005

"Cuz. I Want To."

Lil Q loves to cut paper. When we get catalogs in the mail, we set them aside so she can cut them up. A Lands End and/or Disney Store catalog will keep her busy for hours. It's totally free and better than letting her watch television! Perfect!

Sometimes she'll cut the pages into long strips, which she might then decorate with markers to make "light sabers". Or, she'll cut hundreds of little triangles. Sometimes she'll take a glue stick and create unique artwork from the mess assorted pieces.

Her teacher at daycare is actually pretty pleased about this, since Lil Q is one of the few 3 year olds who is capable of completing her projects. EC wasn't even this good with scissors by Kindergarten, much to the consternation of her teacher.

Bored with the paper & glue media, Lil Q tried her hand at something new this weekend:

We figure she reached over to the side of her head, lifted up a 6" strand and snipped it right off. Then she carried it into the kitchen and showed Mr. Q. The title of this post is what she told him when he asked why she cut her hair off.

Luckily, she's got quite the head of hair and you can't really tell that she excised a chunk of it. Unless you look for it.

The reverse of the paper says "Lil Q cutting paper and other things". We've got it up on the fridge right now (that's why there's an Ottawa magnet in the photo), but we'll most likely put it into her baby book eventually. It's probably good that we have something to put in there.

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