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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Things I Do Not Understand

Aside from "the law" and "all my classes this semester".*

1) Girls who bring backpacks and purses to school with them. Aren't 60 pounds of books enough for you? Are you begging for back problems?

2) People who only show up in the library during the period right before finals. I've been coming here all semester and sitting in the same little carrel. Why should I have to find a new spot now? Besides, I think the library is really the worst place to be this time of year. Nothing on Earth puts out as much stress as 200 law students studying for finals in close proximity.

3) This is really more of pet peeve. Newlyweds who only refer to their spouse as "my husband" or "my wife". Take note: he had a name before you married him. He's got a name now. Use it.

*This statement is not strictly true. For my friends, family, and potential clients - I've actually got a fairly good grasp on most some of the material I've been learning. I just need the next week or two to firm it up in my brain. Yeah...

Clarification on point 3...

I tend to refer to Mr. Q as "my husband" when speaking to strangers too. Except to you all, of course. Because you're not strangers, right? Noooo...That's why I make up totally fictitious names for my family here. Yessirreee...because we're all friends...from the internet.

I guess I meant more when I hang around the person regularly, have met the aforementioned husband or wife, and am, as Kristine would say, "in the know." And when it's the only way they ever refer to them.

Sometimes I say "my husband" b/c most people (at law school at least) don't know his name. So if I walked around saying, "Oh, well Mr. Angst said this the other day," they might think I was talking about a classmate with the same name. Among those in the know, of course, I use his name.
Hey there! On defense of points 1 and 3...I've just made the transition from backpack only to backpack + purse and am loving it. I really like having stuff (my wallet, cell phone, lip gloss, etc.) right at hand. Plus I'm not losing my bus pass nearly as much since I made the change. Oh, also having a bottle of water at hand is good, too.

On point 3: Though its totally lame and would drive me nuts if it was anyone other than myself, its neat to hear yourself say "my husband" for the first few hundred times. I catch myself doing it constantly. I'm also a bit into writing my name on things because the new one looks so funny that it always makes me chuckle. You'll see when I finally get a, long overdue, thank you card in the mail to you!

On point 2, right on! I hate it when people steal my library seat!!
My wife thinks that's ok
I made the realization at the end of second year that I never talked about my husband/spouse/anything, and so it was a big surprise to many of my classmates, even ones I hung out with on a regular basis, that I was married at all. I guess people are surprised anyone would marry me? So I tend to use "my husband" for the first few times because it automatically skips the whole "Who's that? Oh, you're married? Really?!" conversation I have to have like, 4 times a day.
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