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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Liked it Better the First Time

When it was just called "Business Class".

Mr. Q and I used to do a lot of flying when we were first dating. One week after we "officially" started dating, he moved to California. I stayed in Nebraska for another year and a half. So it made sense for us to sign up for various frequent flyer programs.* Which means I still get emails from airlines about their "special" deals.

Right now United is trying to sell people memberships to be able to book better seats. More accurately, they're trying to encourage people to give these memberships as Christmas gifts. I guess the idea is for them to get the extra money they would have made selling tickets in Business or First class upfront - before they go belly up.

I'm torn as to whether I like the idea or think it's a total waste of money. I guess if I did a lot of flying these days, or always flew on United, I would think $300 for a seat with more legroom (based on availability, I'm sure) would be totally worth it.

The recipient can reserve a seat in Economy Plus for themselves and a guest at the time of booking – using any fare – on all domestic and international United, United Express®*and TedSM flights. Also a guest traveling on the same itinerary will be seated in Economy Plus. A one year gift membership to Economy Plus Access is available for $299.

You know...I am planning to fly back to TVPNM for graduation in June. And to Europe after the bar. Maybe this isn't such a bad idea after all.

Now...whom can I hit up for a $300 Christmas present?

* On a tangentially related sidenote - did you know that you can demand division of FF Miles upon dissolution of marriage? Just one of the valuable things I learned in Family Law.

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