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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

"Hallmark Holiday" or no, wishing you a happy day in the spirit of love, peace, and friendship.



Maybe, you're wondering how come I landed on your blog. If so, you might want to apportion some of the blame to Evan Schaeffer's, which by the bye has a rather neat blogroll.

Anyway, upon visiting your little nook in the vast galaxy of the Internet, I surmised you'd welcome some insight concerning President William Jefferson Clinton.

I, for one, can be easily persuaded that President Clinton introduced ... ah, maybe not in so many words ... "evolutionary economics". Acting within the constraints, imposed by this new economic discipline, the man made possible the hope that the nation's national debt could be discharged.

For more details, regarding this insight of mine, one needs only click on the hyperlink below:

.he who is known as sefton

darn ol'paranoid me ... before depositing a comment here on your blog, I sent an e.mail to some 63 law school professors about the article, found at the other end of the above hyperlink.
I got this same weird comment on my site..Ugh. nothing like comment spam! Anyways, we do have a lot in common! You'll have to give me some tips on the JAG application process sometime!
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