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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Little Nitpicking

Probably the result of low blood sugar.

Point 1. Law schools - please do a better job of providing space for your students to be able to sit and EAT. It is cold and/or wet in the winter. It's no fun to have to wander around in search of someplace where I can 1) sit, 2) read (ok…read blogs, but it's still reading), and 3) eat. Law students are a notoriously cranky bunch in the best of circumstances - why exacerbate this charming defect?

Point 2. Law students - if you're in one of the few areas in which people can sit, read, and eat, please don't hog the space. At least not during high traffic hours. Laying down across a couch which could be used by 2 people is just bad manners. If you really need a nap - go back to the dorm. Or go to class. Honestly, I don't so much care where you go so long as you vacate that space.

Point 3. Law students - if there's a loose ring of chairs and you have a bag on one of them, this doesn't automatically mean you get to lay claim to all of them. Again, especially during high traffic hours. Also, saying "There's a big group of people sitting here" is technically inaccurate. Unless said group is physically occupying said seats at that very moment or - at a minimum - have backpacks or coats in the area to mark the seats, you would be more correct in saying "There's a big group of people coming." If you wanted to be polite, you could ask if I wouldn't mind moving. Adding the word "please" would be a nice touch.

Yikes. Wretches!
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