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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Being a Lawyer Might Be Like Being a 3 Year Old

The other day, we were driving home from picking Lil Q up from daycare. Mr. Q's sister was in the car with us. Lil Q began doing something she I had explicitly told her NOT to do just moments before. When SIL asked her why she was doing it, without missing a beat she responded "My Daddy said yes."

This was, however, a blatant lie.

But it got me thinking that this might really be what being a lawyer is all about. When someone challenges what the client is doing, we reply "The Supreme Court said yes." Or "Congress said yes." And sometimes, "The Constitution said yes." Sometimes these statements are also blatant lies or, at the very least, severe extensions of the truth.

So nice to know that I've spent $60K to learn what any 3 year old knows intuitively.

As any kid knows, the question then quickly deteriorates into "who's your daddy?" and whether "my daddy can beat up your daddy."

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