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Monday, April 24, 2006

The Last Page

I finished my Tax book today. Ok, so it's the end of the semester, and despite the slacker image I typically project here, I actually do most of my reading assignments. So, it's not unusual that I would finish the last reading assignment.

But that's not what I said - I said I finished the book. In my 3 years of law school, this is the first time we've finished the ENTIRE textbook in a class. This means that minus about 2 dozen pages on corporate taxation, we covered about 700 pages.


I can testify that you DO read your textbooks on regular basis. Now whether that information was absorbed by the brain is another debatable topic. J/K. ;)
Heyyyyyy...weren't you the one I was chatting with who dropped the name of a case we'd read in 1L - and I was totally able to give you the facts? From 2 years ago...

Of course, the holding might be another matter!
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