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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Salaga Doola, Menchicka Boola

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

Now...who has good ideas where I can find a ball gown in the DC area (preferably cheap!) by Thursday?

Mr. Q and I have been invited to a ball. Seriously.

Stop laughing.

what size are you?
what about an old bridesmaid dress?
Marshall Field's always has great deals on ball gowns or any other dresses. Or Boston Store/ Younker's.
Believe it or not, Marshall's in Pentagon Row has some nice evening/ball gowns. I got my Barrister's Ball dress there for less than $25.
depends on how much you want to spend. I would pal around tyson's for a bit -- they always have some cool dresses there. BCBG has great ones, and they also have really good sales too.
also, what's so funny? what's with the laughing?
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Arrrgh! I had a huge response written and stupid Blogger wasn't working!

J - I run between a size 6 & size 10, depending on where/what I'm buying. Formals tend to run small, so I'm guessing I'll be a 10. But just out of curiosity - those wouldn't be the same bridesmaids dresses you were offering EC for dress up, would they?

Anyway - it's funny to me because this is the only COOL formal event we've been invited to in the time I've been out of the military. (Law school gala not included - see "cool" requirement.) The military events all involved Mess Dress. And now I don't have time to find a smokin' hot dress. WAH! Let's not even speak of the shoes & accessories.

I'll make a run to Tyson's later this week, and maybe a quick foray into Pentagon City. If I strike out there, I've got my Plan B - a very classic long black skirt w/ either a white long sleeved top or black velvet & gold strapless number.

But what fun is it to wear an existing outfit?
Don't forget about Filene's Basement...there's a pretty good one downtown...kinda near the White House-ish.
LQ - no not the all the ones offered to EC for dress up. I've stood up in 4 weddings (July is the 5th) so plenty of options. EC's would be from the weddings in the mid to late 90s.
Ball gowns is there an exact requirement for where it comes from? The only really cool dress I have comes from my senior H.S. ball - still in style, black velvet with spaghetti straps hardly goes out of style. Plus, really sexy--- if BiL wants to make a trip out for a quick ball game - you are more than welcome to borrow!
But finding a nice new outfit is always fun -- and bargain shopping is the best!!!
Good luck either way:-).
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