Legal Quandary

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


· Do you lose time from classes due to drinking?

What - like, do I skip class to drink? No. I generally just bring it with me. I will admit to being a couple of minutes late to class and/or back from a break because I've gone to get a drink.

· Do you drink because you are uncomfortable in social situations?

Define uncomfortable. I mean, is it easier to "look" sociable with a drink in your hands? Sure. In TVPNM, it was almost expected that you'd have a drink in your hand. Also, I'm not incredibly good in social situations either with or without a drink, but a drink does tend to make me chattier.

· Do you drink to build up your self confidence?

I don't know if I'd say my "self confidence." But I do have a lot more energy and find it easier to get through the things I need to get done.

· Do you drink alone?

Yes. All the time. I have a hard time finding people who will drink with me.

· Do you drink to escape from studies or home worries?

Not escape necessarily, but I do tend to have a cheerier take on the world once I've had a drink or two.

· Do you feel guilty or depressed after drinking?

Sometimes I feel sort of sick to my stomach - does that count?

· Does it bother you if someone says that maybe you drink too much?

Hell, yes! It's none of their damned business!

· Do you have to take a drink when you go out on a date?

Sometimes I MAKE dates to for the express purpose of drinking.

· Do you get along better with other people when you drink?

Are you trying to say I don't play well with others unless I've been drinking? If anything, I'd say drinking makes me more contentious than usual.

· Do you get into financial troubles over buying drinks?

Maybe not troubles, but I do have to watch my spending - it adds up fast!

· Do you feel more important when you drink?

More important than I already know I am? Not really….

· Have you lost friends since you started drinking?

Yes, but not because of the drinking. No, really.

· Do you drink more than most of your friends?


· Have you started hanging around with a crowd that drinks more than your old friends?

Considering most of my old friends didn't drink at all, I'd have to say yes.

· Do you drink until you just couldn't drink anymore?

Well, there's been several times where I thought my bladder was going to explode. This problem is most serious when I bring my drinks to class.

Of course, THEY were talking about alcohol. I'm talking about coffee.

And a little note to myself - just because the school provides free coffee after 6 pm doesn't mean you need to drink it. You know it's going to be the coffee equivalent of battery acid and will only make that long Metro ride seem even longer. While you're at it, you might want to ease up on the donut consumption too.

Hugs & Kisses,

Your heart, stomach, and bladder.

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