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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oompa Loompa DoompaDee Do

Here's another question for you.

How many email addresses do you have?

I think I might have as many as 7.

2 personal (one forwards to the other)
2 LQ - I used Yahoo before I used gmail, so my Bloglines account is still set up for the Yahoo address
2 for school. 2 law schools = 2 email addresses
1 that I keep strictly for junk mail

C' along & leave your answer in the comments. Every once in awhile it's nice to pretend I'm not just talking to myself. Though I don't blame anyone for not commenting on my little anti-law school finals screeds.

I have a lot, too. Two old webmail addresses I don't use at all anymore except for messaging accounts (Yahoo and MSN), one strictly personal gmail account, one gmail account for the blog, one for school, one from my old job (they haven't shut it off yet, don't know why), one alumni address from my undergraduate...that' for me, too! I've set up some others, too, but I don't check them or they've gone inactive, so they don't count.
Let's see - 2 personal, 1 for junk, 1 for school, and 2 for the blog. Most of them forward to one account, so I don't have to actually check that many.
Okay 3 AT & T addresses for different things (1 I no longer use that idea died, but it was free).

1 - hotmail floating around somewhere which I never use.

1 Gmail -- everything now forwards to this.

1 - school

1 - ABA alias for my resumes because it looks professional and does not involve my too difficult to spell last name.

1 -- I can't remember it, but it paid you to use it, so I signed up.

That is 8, but I only use 4.
i only have 2 that I use - my gmail which I like b/c it's anonymous, and a yahoo address that has my very unique last name attached to it. I also have 2 dead ones .... plus an AOL one on my parents' account which I used when I lived with them, and it keeps accumulating junk mail, and every 6 months or so they call and tell me i need to go in and delete it all. I have a school one, but I have it forwarded to Yahoo, b/c the school site SUCKS ASS. I also recently was told my AIM name comes with an email account.

So I have 8. But I only use/check 2.
Oh geez...

If we're counting AIM accounts, I guess that adds 2 more to my list.

BUT, if more people would just get on gmail/google chat, I'd drop AIM altogether.
I have a bunch. 2 gmails -- one personal, one for the blog. A hotmail one that I used to use and for some reason, certain people will only e-mail me at that one and not my gmail. My undergrad e-mail that goes straight to the old hotmail. A yahoo one strictly for checking my law school e-mail b/c it is some special e-mail that only yahoo can pick up. And I used to have a work one before they took away my computer. So, basically, its about 7. Geez.
It's good to know I'm not the only one who checks 8 email accounts. I have 3 that I check daily and 4 that I check about weekly, unless I'm expecting something to be there or if I'm just really bored. Then I might check it twice a week. I also have one other that I check about once every 2 weeks or so.
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