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Friday, May 12, 2006

What's a Friday Night Without a Little Trip to the ER?

Mr. Q got a call from Lil Q's school this afternoon that she wasn't feeling well. He picked her up and sure enough, she was running a temperature. Then she started complaining that her tummy hurt. And then that her head hurt. And her breathing got really fast and all she wanted to do was sleep. Her fever was up to 103 by now - after a dose of children's Tylenol. Plus her little heart was just galloping.

After calling 2 friends (one pediatrician, one nurse) and leaving a message for one parent (an ER doc), we decided to take her in. It being Friday night, the only option was the urgent care clinic. I hate doing that because I'm sort of of the mindset that unless you're bleeding or having a heart attack, you should just wait until Monday for a regular appointment. Mr. Q does not share that mindset when it comes to Lil Q.

At any rate, she's fine. A little sinus infection and possibly a UTI. Nothing some Septra, some children's Motrin in the proper dosage, and a couple of popsicles can't cure, right?

Oh no! I'm glad LQ is alright though. Poor thing.
Oh, I so understand. I spent yesterday (a day originally marked for Civ Pro study) at the hospital with LawGirl hoping against hope that she didn't have a broken leg. (She doesn't.) I think that part of being a parent in law school is that you don't get to take a break during finals and you are almost guaranteed to get to deal with something injury/illness related during that time. At least that's my experience so far. My last exam is Monday, so I expect to have a very celebratory Mother's Day studying in the basement. Yay!

I'm glad that Lil Q is okay. Here's hoping that everyone maintains the status quo until AFTER your last exam!
My last exam is Monday too, so ditto on the locking myself up to study.

Lil Q woke up @ 3am and had yakked up all the antibiotics we forced down her at 11pm. (Why DO they make the stuff that nasty shade of pink anyway? Don't they know it's hard to get out of sheets and stuff????) She was also burning up again, so we made her take some more Motrin - which she fought.

By this morning, the only ones who were lethargic were the adults. Lil Q has as much energy as ever.

Lawmom, you're so right. There's been several finals now where I had originally blocked out a couple of days to study for a particular exam and then one or more of them got nixed due to illness, weather, etc. I've come to the conclusion that someone, somewhere thinks that law school would have just been too easy for me without a couple of extra little obstacles.

But I thank you for the good wishes. =)
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