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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

LQ's Question of the Day

We took EC to the airport yesterday. I simultaneously look forward to/dread that trip every year. I think any parent who sends a child away to their other parent for a period of time each year understands the dread part (will they want to come back? what if this year is the year that she decides she really wants to live with the other parent?) I only look forward to it because it *is* something of a break to only have 1 child at home instead of two. Or before Lil Q - it was nice not having to compete for Mr. Q's attention.

Anyway, yesterday was completely wasted from a studying point of view. My mom and I did have a nice lunch together and then went out and bought my graduation gift - new stainless steel cookware! Whe-woo! I've decided not to unpack it until after the move though, so I haven't gotten to try it out yet.

Anyway - you all don't care about that, and I am WAY behind on Bar/Bri. So, without further ado - the QOD.

Name the most painful body part to have waxed.

Ok, so nobody can compete with the waxing scene from the 40-Year-Old Virgin, but I figure waxing is something most of us do or have done. Me, I've had upper lip, eyebrow, bikini, and underarm waxes. By FAR, the most painful was the underarm. The worst part was that it grew back just as fast as shaving.

Your turn.

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