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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Check the Blogroll

I've done a little updating, because updating your blogroll TOTALLY falls under the category of "Study-Torts-For-The-Most-Important-Test-You'll-Ever-Take." It's right step above "Make-Homemade-Spaghetti-Sauce-For-Dinner."

Seriously though, I added some new folks during my last study break. If you haven't already, please go visit Law School Virgin and Statute of Frogs.

A couple of people are back, due to a little phenomenon I like to call "Bloglines Sucks." I *swear* I don't have time to be deleting people, let alone re-adding them, but NDC, Beanie, and Kristine all fell victim - it could happen to you too. If you're a regular reader, have linked to me in the past, and want to be linked again (or if you're new and want a link), let me know and I'll hook you up.

Now, about that spaghetti sauce....

Ack! I was gone and didn't even know it? Wow, talk about existential limbo. But I'm glad I'm back, even if I didn't know I was gone. It's like kidnapping. You can't be kidnapped if you didn't know you couldn't leave. Bar exam sucks.
I thought that was just False Imprisonment!

Shit! One more thing to go look up!
Yeah, it is false imprisonment. I'm an idiot. Let's study torts so more, shall we?
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