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Monday, July 10, 2006

LQ's Weekend

I kept meaning to post but somehow never got around to it. I guess I'm starting to get pretty antsy about the bar exam starting 2 weeks from today. If the exam were based solely on, say, Family Law, Contracts, Torts, and Property, I think I might have a fair chance of passing. You throw Civ Pro, Sales, Secured Transactions and Commercial Paper in there, and the odds go WAY down. So yeah, lots of work to do.

On the plus side, I got a packet of graded essays back on Friday. I scored my very first 10/10 on my Family Law/Community Property essay. (Yes, it's totally hanging on my fridge.)

Mr. Q went to a work-related party on Friday evening. He was supposed to be home by 6 PM. He wasn't. Nor was he home by 7. Or 8. Instead, I got a phone call from him at about 8:30. He'd met up with one of my friends and was at her house along with a couple of other people. And, by the way, could I pick him up, since the prospects of him safely navigating his way home from the Metro on his bicycle were pretty slim. Then he handed the phone over to my friend, who convinced me to put the books aside for the evening and come hang out. I did, and had a great time. The whole thing is only amusing to me because it doesn't happen often. I've probably seen Mr. Q inebrieted a grand total of 3 times. The same friend was involved on at least one other occasion, so I strongly suspect it may be all her fault.

Other than that, I gave myself nightmares the other night by studying Commercial Paper all evening and then topping it off by reading Jeremy Blachman's Anonymous Lawyer as my bedtime reading. I've been enjoying the book and will probably post more about it later, but that, combined with my utter lack of knowledge of negotiable instruments DESPITE taking a class in Commercial Transactions, made me dream about evil people berating me all night long.

*sigh* Back to Torts review.

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