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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Everything I Know* About The Law...

...Fits into this shoebox.

And for those of you who were wondering and/or wanting to make snide comments - yes, as a matter of fact, my notecards *are* color coded. What of it?

*Knowledge obviously being contrued as both actual and constructive. For you non-lawyer types, that means everything I actually do know or should know.

All my note cards made during law school fit into a size 6 shoe box. What size (if you don't mind me asking) is your notecard shoe box?
You know, I was wondering if someone was going to ask that.

The box contained a pair of Minnetonka sandals we bought for EC. So they are a mere size 9, and not the 10 1/2 or 11 I would wear.

These are all my notecards for bar review. For some reason, I didn't get into notecards until 3L - which is a damned shame, because they really worked well for me.
I was colored coded too, in the beginning, back when i was still brushing my hair and able to string full sentences together that did not contain the words "bar" "hell" or "cocoa pebbles"

I still don't regret my 29 pack sharpie decision, though. They be pretty...
Oooooh. I covet the 29 pack of Sharpies....

When my dad died, he left behind more office supplies than any one person could possibly use in a lifetime. I made due with various colors of Pilot Precise V7's (preferred) and Uniball Vision pens. Sadly, I had to use some colors more than once - but the chances of me mixing up Property and PR (turquoise) are pretty slim.
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