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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Looks Like We Made It

We've been in Germany for a couple of days now, although it almost looked like our flight was going to be delayed for another day due to bad weather in New HomeTown. It eventually cleared up and we made it to Chicago just in time to board the plane to Frankfurt. No time to even find a Starbucks (wah! Do you know there are NO Starbucks near the new house? After having 4 within about 3 miles of our Northern VA house (including 1 in walking distance) and before that, well...Seattle, there are NO Starbucks, None, Zero, Zip nearby! They are building one though....) It wouldn't have been so bad except that the coffee maker was also buried in the new house, so I was pretty caffeine deprived.

So far we've mostly been working around the house and running errands. My mom's house sits on (maybe) a half acre. I worked ALL day Sunday, clearing brush, cutting down trees, and digging up weeds, and I'm still only about 1/8 of the way done.

Tonight we're headed to the local Kerwe (like a town carnival) to ride the rides and then watch fireworks from the castle.

It's an exciting life we lead. We're hoping to make a couple of more interesting excursions in the coming week, so maybe if you're all good I'll post some photos. =)

It's time to invest in one of those expresso makers. I hear Nestle has some good machines.
At least you got there before this mess and are coming back, hopefully, after they figure out how to be secure without the long lines. Be safe.
Oh my god, no Starbucks? How are you surviving??
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