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Thursday, August 03, 2006

One More Time...With Feeling

So my flight didn't so much take off last night - bad weather in Chicago.

We boarded.
We sat on the plane for about 20 minutes.
They let us off.
Then they loaded us back on.
We taxied like we were going somewhere.
Instead, we just sat on the tarmac.
For 3 hours.
The flight was finally cancelled at 1 am because the crew was now disqualified.

Lessons learned?

- It's really, really expensive to take a taxi from the airport to the new house. (Note to self - make some friends pronto. The kind you'll feel comfortable calling at 1 am for a ride home....)

- Don't outsmart yourself by leaving your cell phone at home because "it doesn't work overseas and it's just something else to lose."

Hope the flight works today. Have a safe trip!
You could always arrive at 0100 to load your own pallet, wait for 11 hours and then walk in 115* heat to an aircraft leaking fuel and that has no aircrew. Return to the 'terminal' and wait 3 more hours and try again...oh wait, that was my vacation.
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