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Friday, December 22, 2006


It's hard to believe that a mere 6 months ago I was celebrating graduation from law school and stressing out about taking the bar exam. It truly seems so long ago.

I've been working for exactly 3 weeks now and I'm surprised not only by the sheer volume of work I've been doing, but also by the diversity of it.

So far this month I've...

- Worked 2 landlord/tenant issues.
- Had a client cry because I didn't give her the answer she wanted.
- Fielded questions on divorce, annulment, and child custody.
- Worked on 2 legal reviews for ethics issues.
- Worked on 1 legal review for a military personnel issue.
- Been assigned my first additional duty.
- Observed an Article 32 investigation. (Think of a preliminary hearing/grand jury.)
- Drafted about 15 wills. Executed 2 wills. And served as a witness for approximately 2 dozen more. This taught me that my name is too darned long to write that many times.
- Gotten into a tussle with a Squadron Commander and his deputy.

I'm still loving my job. I learn new things every single day. But I have to be honest. I'm glad it's a long weekend.


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