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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

New Thing in the Side Bar

Take a look...there's a new certification in the sidebar that says this site is certified - you hear that - certified 69% good. I was intrigued by the certification on the Hot Librarian's site and decided to get one of my own. They give you a choice of posting a "good" or "evil" certification. I went with the good, because that just seems so much friendlier. And everyone knows that my whole goal in life is to shine a beacon of friendliness on this dark and lonely world.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what the certification means. For example, Hot Librarian is certified as 68% good. I love her site, and encourage everyone to visit it often (and laugh your ass off) but let's face it - she talks about things there that I never talk about. Like Weiners, Douchebags, Sex Snorkels, and all of her roommates, the Fuckers. It's not that I'm old and boring...oh wait - it is. That, and the fact that I unwisely gave out the link to this site to some of my family members.

So while I'm flattered to be compared to the Hot Librarian (since I can't match her in looks, humor, or artistic ability), I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I'm just a bit confused as to how exactly this rating is determined. It looks like they do some sort of complex analysis of letter usage and assign values to certain "important words" which drive the rating.

And just for kicks, I ran some other sites through it, so now I know it's whacked. Naked Drinking Coffee comes out as 80% good. That just can't be right.

There is NO WAY NDC can be more gooder (I know, not a word) than us. No way. That gemitriculator must be broken.

I have to fix mine. Apparently since I've put it on my site, my goodness rating has dropped from 68% to 58%... I'm getting closer to being only half good. I should do something about that.
It's all about the fuzzy math
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